Meet Tia Bhana-Williams 

(Ba TCM Acu&ChineseHerbs)

Meet Dr Tia Bhana-Williams,  

She graduated from Victoria University in 2007 with a double degree in

 Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. 

Everything little thing you do to improve your health and therefore your

 fertility is a step in the right direction;


You have so much power over your body and its function, 

get enough sleep, eat the colours of the rainbow, 

move your body, build some muscle, 

cut out alcohol, coffee and sugar and gluten. 

Thats a great start. 

 Sometimes all you need is guidance, a trained eye to help you understand

 your body to be able to know what is happening when.  

Let Dr Tia guide you help you to feel calm, empowered and reassured.

She uses an integrated western and eastern approach, and implements

 Chinese Herbal medicine, supplementation, and acupuncture to help your

 body to be the healthiest version of you possible.

Treatments are nourishing, supportive and individual.

There is so much to talk about 

call 0439 841 413 if you would like to ask anything.



 Dr Tia loves to work on pain, she uses an

 extremely effective balancing technique which can see pain lessen on the

 table, at the session.  

Acupuncture uses fine needles to stimulate your brain to send oxygenated to

 where it is not going (where it hurts) to ease pain. 

This is a non invasive treatment that can help 

where other modalities may have not.

Whether you've had it for an hour or 25 years, sharp or numb, tingly or pins

 and needles, this method may be just what you have been looking for.

If you are considering starting a family, OR are looking at being pain free 

(or all of the above) acupuncture and herbal treatments 

At Nourishlife Chinese Medicine can help you to achieve these things. 

Call: 0439 841 413

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