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What can I take to help my egg quality ?

I get this question so much in clinic, and given that the majority of the women and couples that come in to Nourishlife are over 35 years old, the holy grail is with improving egg quality. 

We don’t want to mess around. We want for our patients to see results so there is a group of supplements which are a must have when it comes to your eggs

Lets talk antioxidants  

We want to think about cell growth, specifically eggs (which are sex cells)  We want to give them the best chance possible 

Smoking, pollution, stress, obesity, poor nutrition, infections and chronic and autoimmune diseases and ageing can all lead to oxidative stress. 

Antioxidants combat oxidative stress.

Antioxidants also:

Improve blood circulation in the endometrium. lower hyperandrogenism, decrease insulin resistance, (which is often found in PCOS) Increase fertile cervical mucus, and also have an influence on prostaglandin synthesis and steroidogenesis.

Which ones do we need?

N-Acetyl-Cysteine helps to replenish Glutathione (a very powerful antioxidant, but which is very unstable and difficult to absorb on its own)

Ubiquinol (otherwise known as COQ10)

Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol)

Vitamin C


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