Here at Nourishlife we are flexible and will treat you one on one.  Every person is different and will require different services.  Here is just a sample of what can be approached in clinic.  Please call if you have some specific issues that you are unsure of. 

In general all initial treatments will take 1 hour, and there will be history taken, lifestyle and diet advice given, so that you can take control of your own wellbeing.

Initial: $95

Subsequent treatments are 45mins $80

OR: 2x treatments $120 to be used in the same week.

HICAPS available, we are a health fund provider, you just pay the gap if you have health insurance.

Herbal Medicine  

This may consist of granules, pills, patent pills, liquids and/or

vitamins and minerals.

Individual formulas $25-$35 per week

Pills $15

Pain Treatments

A technique called Balance method is applied at this clinic. You will see results at the table, at the time and get off the table feeling very different.

Fantastic for those who need to manage pain, ANY PAIN. Sciatica, bulging disc, frozen shoulder, migraines, period pain, fibromyalgia, nerve pain are just some of the issues treated. If there are no deformities and you don't go away and continue to aggravate the injury, then acupuncture will work.  Be pain free.

Nourish Life Treatment 

This is for our fertility patients. Expect a detailed consultation, monitoring BBT chart, acupuncture treatment geared towards supporting where you are in your natural cycle. Women report to feeling a radiating warmth in the lower abdomen and a gentle movement. 

These treatments are geared towards enhancing your cycle, improving egg quality, ovulation, endometrial lining and period

Please fill out the forms on our form page before your first visit.

IVF Support Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatments started prior to beginning your IVF or IUI or ART cycle will help to prepare your body.

These relaxing treatments are designed specifically to

Help you to respond well to fertility drugs

Improve egg quality

Ease unpleasant side effects of IVF medications

Boost uterus lining

Increase blood flow to uterus

Ease stress to enable implantation 

I.V.F Support For Implantation Day

Implantation day, best results are when acupuncture is given just prior to implantation, and then as soon as can be managed after.  Blood flow to the uterus is increased, mum to be is relaxed, allowing implantation to happen.

For The Men

Acupuncture and  Chinese herbal medicine can significantly improve the morphology, motility, and count and concentration of sperm, as well as help with impotence and other erectile dysfunction.

Birth Preparation Sessions. 

Research has found that a weekly session of

acupuncture from around 36 weeks will encourage an

easy and effective birth process,  reducing the

likelihood of needing medical intervention.

These weekly sessions will help to soften the cervix,

increase energy and help to make contractions more

effective, as well as aid recovery and bounce back.

Baby Induction

Acupuncture can increase the effectiveness of

contractions which can shorten the duration of your


This is a very hands on treatment which include acupressure pointers for the partner so that they might be able to assist in the birth process.


Breech Baby Treatment

It is possible to turn your baby if he or she is in the

wrong position using a warming technique called

moxa, this is an easy, gentle and non invasive

treatment which is very effective.

For best results you need to complete your treatment

by the 33rd week of your pregnancy

Stop Those Sweats Menopause Treatments

Come along for acupuncture and herbal medicine for

menopausal symptoms, If you are feeling hot and

bothered, a few sessions and herbal

medicine tailored to your needs may just be the ticket,

feel cool and calm and youthful again!

Digestion Ease

Acupuncture is so powerful for any kind of digestion

issue, from nausea to bloating and reflux and

heartburn.  You can feel good again.

Hay fever symptoms

If you suffer in the spring or summer then Acupuncture

is a very good option.  See results quickly and learn to

enjoy the warmer weather again.

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