Every person is different and will require different services. 

Here is just a sample of what can be approached in clinic. 

Please call if you have some specific issues that you are unsure of. 

Initial treatments will take 1 hour, expect to have your medical history taken, and for lifestyle and diet advice, acupuncture and or cups, massage, moxa warming to be given. (one or some of these may occur, depending on what is required)

Initial: $95

Fertility initial consult:$110 (1hr15)

Subsequent treatments $80

OR: 2x treatments $120 to be used in the same week.

HICAPS available, we are a health fund provider, you pay the gap if you have health insurance.

Herbal Medicine  

This may consist of granules, pills, patent pills, liquids and/or vitamins and minerals.                                                              individual formulas $25 per week                                         Patent Pills $15

Pain Treatments

An acupuncture technique called Balance Method is applied at this clinic.  Needles are added to areas away from where the pain is being felt.  This means the patient will be able to move the painful part and gauge whether the pain has eased or moved. Results will vary from person to person, however, the aim is for you to see results at the table at the time.

Nourish Life Treatment 

Here at nourish life we have a very special interest in fertility, we will work alongside your health practitioners to help you achieve your goals.

Expect a detailed consultation, monitoring BBT chart, acupuncture treatment geared towards supporting where you are in your natural cycle.

Please fill out the forms on our form page before your first visit.

IVF Support Acupuncture

Acupuncture treatments started prior to beginning your IVF or IUI or ART cycle with a view to helping prepare your body and mind.

Feel calm, and ease stress, and breathe, these treatments will help you to get the best from your IVF regime.

Implantation Day 2 treatments

2 treatments in close proximity to support implantation, help support you on implantation day.

Birth Preparation Sessions. 

Working with pregnant women is a joy.                                 There is so much anticipation and love.

Sometimes however, there is a certain amount of fear and trepidation. 

These birth preparation sessions are primarily to help the mother to feel strong and in charge of her birthing experience.

Acupuncture and massage is just the start, we will also go through meditation strategies to help ease pain, and encourage the cervix to open, and also give partner lessons on labour massage.

These sessions are best weekly from week 36 

Baby Induction

Let me help you to work towards a non medicalised labour

The induction treatment is a relaxing, but very hands on treatment which will include acupuncture, warming, massage. 

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